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As an HLP Partner Adviser, you will be provided with all the software you need to get trading as quickly and smoothly as possible, and have access to our secure Members’ Area website, accessed via the login in the header of this website, which offers a host of features and services designed to benefit you and your business.

HL Partnership’s revolutionary CRM system!


It is fair to say that the Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems available to Mortgage and GI professionals have failed to keep up with modern business technologies.

In an age where tablets are rapidly replacing laptops, and consumers expect instant access to information and interactive sales processes, we at HL Partnership feel that the cumbersome CRM systems of yesterday, built on decade-old architecture, are insufficient for today’s brokers.

That’s why we are delighted to offer our Partner Advisers a CRM for the 21st century.

Built from the ground up to work with modern technologies and with the growth of your businesses at its core, our state-of-the-art client-centric CRM system isn’t an over-haul, it’s a client relationship revolution.

As a network, our focus is on helping you improve your productivity, knowledge and communications because improvements in these areas increase turn-over, encourage repeat business and promote client confidence – all of which translates into larger profits.

The changes we are in the process of deploying are designed to safely and compliantly streamline your day-to-day business processes, enabling you to spend less time pushing proverbial paper and more time advising and, therefore, selling.

Watch our trailer video here.

Time to go fully mobile:

Our new CRM system is web-based, meaning all you need is an Internet connection to access everything you need wherever you like. Thanks to the handy Skype integration, even remote client meetings can be held face-to-face. Better still, you can leave the weighty laptop at the office as the system runs on any web-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.


Because, like you, we can’t see any point filling in a fact find with a client at a meeting only to go back to the office to input it, we’ve integrated the CRM with a unique client portal which allows your clients to fill in relevant fact find sections themselves – saving you time and promoting a sense of team-work between you and your clients.

Effortless organisation:

HLP’s CRM system features HotBox, a unique tool which acts like a ‘to-do’ list. Client events, such as reviews or policy renewals, are automatically added so you can clearly see what actions you need to take and when. You can schedule your own events for any future time rather than having to remember or store the information in a separate non-integrated system.


All appointments are recorded against the appropriate client entry within the CRM system, and our diary easily integrates with Outlook and smartphones. You can even set up the diary system so that individuals or groups can see each other’s diaries, an invaluable tool for multi-Adviser firms.

Portfolio Manager:

This gives a helicopter view of your clients’ assets, liabilities and protection. Capture all the products on which you have given advice and add other financial products that the client may own to identify new sales opportunities.

Management information:

View a wide range of data to understand the precise nature of your business and undertake capacity planning. You can have access to reports such as pipeline business, adviser activity, referrals, the number of TCF questionnaires sent and received, and additional sales opportunities.

Sourcing for Life and Mortgages:


In order to keep the process as seamless as possible, we have integrated both Mortgage and Life sourcing into our new Client Relationship Management system, removing the need to log into multiple environments.

Referral tool:

Send and receive client referrals to increase your collaboration with other advisers whilst staying in control of the sales process, and increasing earnings. Multiple advisers can deal with a client whilst maintaining one holistic client record.

TCF questionnaire:

At a push of a button, a simple survey is sent to post-sale clients. When received, the information not only helps you improve your services, but provides your clients with an opportunity to flag additional needs thus highlighting more sales opportunities, while also providing evidence that your clients have understood the products you’ve sold them.

For your clients:


Our new CRM system is fully integrated with an intuitive client portal, a digital environment designed to encourage stronger relationships between you and your clients, accessible from any internet enabled device.

The portal offers your clients their own digital financial portfolio, using data sourced from your client bank and aggregates that information into an easy and intuitive perspective of their financial situation. It creates a focus on financial planning and goal setting alongside offering financial advice, as well creating new opportunities of engagement through case tracking and Skype integration.


Your clients will have 24/7 access to a host of tools to offer them greater insight into their finances, and better understand the importance and value of your advice. What’s more, the in-built messaging functionality is so intuitive your clients’ most convenient option will be to return to you time and again for advice.

Documents can be stored and transmitted securely through the portal, which employs the same strength of security used by online retailers and banking institutions. You will have access to the information and files that your client’s share with immediate effect, meaning no more waiting around for documents to progress an application.

To find out more about HLP’s game-changing CRM system, or if would like to have an informal chat about what else sets HL Partnership apart from other Mortgage and GI networks, our Partner Support Team will be happy to take your call on 03300 552 651. Alternatively, you can click here to request a call back.